June 20, 2010
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Please donate mineral, rock, and ore specimens to the Eötvös Museum of Natural History
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Abstract acceptance started
Today we have started with the abstract acceptance notification process. Because of the high number of MECC + IMA abstracts (~1680) and because of the longer submission and shorter evaluation periods, that process will take about one week.
All abstract rejections were communicated earlier.
Please wait for your personal abstract acceptance e-mail in the coming week. Please contact us for an earlier confirmation only if you really need it urgently.
Contact person: Robert Hohol

Connected schools and workshops

MECC2010 participants are welcome to register to the
workshops and short courses of IMA2010 Conference not listed on this page.

Special MECC2010 Workshop

ADVANCECLAY 3: Colloid Properties of Clays and Environmental Applications (WSC7)

Date: 28/30 August - 3/6 September (post-conference)

Venue: University of Szeged, Szeged, South Hungary (Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science)

Sponsors: ERASMUS IP (Lifelong Learning Programme of the Education and Culture DG, EC)

Contact person: Erzsébet Tóth (Eötvös L. University, Budapest; zsike@abyss.elte.hu)

School directors / Convenors: Etelka Tombácz (University of Szeged), Tamás G. Weiszburg (Eötvös L. University, Budapest)

Length (days): 5/10

The short course consists of

  • a 5-day ("core") part, embedded in
  • a 10-day summer school (2 preparatory days + core part + 1 day field trip + 2 days for closing consultation and exam)

Brief summary: The short course gives an introduction to clays as colloid systems, including the properties of clay particles (size, shape, surface charge, charge heterogeneity), clays in environmental systems (soil, suspended river and lake sediments) and clays in industry (ceramics, environmental applications).
School activities include two days preparatory classes, laboratory practice, field work, factory visits, poster session and final test writing. Students, predominantly 2nd (MSc) and 3rd (PhD) Bologna cycle, passing the final test will receive an official Certificate on 3 European Transfer Credits (3 ECTS).

No. of (non-Erasmus) participants: max. 15

Price per participant:

  • Core part (5 days) EUR 100 (includes: teaching materials, access to classrooms and labs, refreshments, and the short course dinner on Friday evening)
  • Full school (10 days) EUR 150 (includes: core part services + student welcome party + field trips + exam/ECTS Certificate)

Special organised transportation to/from Szeged

  1. for MECC2010 field trip participants planning to join the core part of the SC a direct Pécs - Szeged transfer will be available at the end of the MECC2010 field trip programme (afternoon, August 29, Sunday)
  2. for full (10 days) SC participants:
    from Budapest to Szeged (evening, August 27, Friday) and
    from Szeged to Budapest (evening, September 6, Monday)

Accommodation: Participants are offered dormitory type accommodation or BB type accommodation via the registration form, but it is also easy to book individually your accommodation in Szeged (e.g. http://www.hellotourist.net/).

For further information, please contact the School Secretary, Erzsébet Tóth (zsike@abyss.elte.hu)


Pre-MECC2010 workshop (IMA2010):

WSC2: Siliceous rocks and their nomenclature - an interface of mineralogy, petrography and archeology (workshop)

Post-MECC2010 workshops and short courses (IMA2010):

WSC3: Quantitative image analysis of minerals and rocks (short course)

WSC4: Mine waste characterization in the EU (standard testing methods and guidelines) (short course)

WSC6: Neutron diffraction and neutron spectroscopies: Instruments at the Budapest Neutron Center (short course)