June 20, 2010
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Please donate mineral, rock, and ore specimens to the Eötvös Museum of Natural History
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Scientific Program available
The schedule of the presentations is available here:

Abstract acceptance started
Today we have started with the abstract acceptance notification process. Because of the high number of MECC + IMA abstracts (~1680) and because of the longer submission and shorter evaluation periods, that process will take about one week.
All abstract rejections were communicated earlier.
Please wait for your personal abstract acceptance e-mail in the coming week. Please contact us for an earlier confirmation only if you really need it urgently.
Contact person: Robert Hohol

Joint IMA2010 & MECC2010 registration

You may want to benefit from the joint organisation of MECC2010 with IMA2010, the 20th General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association.


The scientific sessions of MECC2010 will overlap with the "second half" period of IMA2010.


Participants interested not only in the clay conference can opt for a "Joint MECC2010 & IMA2010 Registration" providing them also access to the full IMA2010 scientific programme (Aug. 22-27).


Click here for the IMA2010 sessions. Those interested in the Joint registration have to register themselves through the IMA2010 Registration system. Those interested only in the MECC2010 registration please click here.


In a later stage of the conference preparation, the IMA2010 registered participants will be contacted in order to define their preferences:


  • whether to be included also on the MECC2010 participants list (all IMA2010 participants)


  • whether they want to join the MECC2010 dinner (August 26, Thursday) instead of the IMA2010 dinner (August 25, Wednesday) ("full" IMA2010 participants only)

If you are a joint MECC2010 & IMA2010 participant and want to register for the MECC2010 field trip (clay-related, post-conference) please send a message to Robert Hohol.