June 20, 2010
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Abstract acceptance started
Today we have started with the abstract acceptance notification process. Because of the high number of MECC + IMA abstracts (~1680) and because of the longer submission and shorter evaluation periods, that process will take about one week.
All abstract rejections were communicated earlier.
Please wait for your personal abstract acceptance e-mail in the coming week. Please contact us for an earlier confirmation only if you really need it urgently.
Contact person: Robert Hohol

Detailed instructions by parts of the abstract

You can download this page as a pdf file from here.

Parts of the abstract


Enter the title by clicking on the text [Click here and type the title] in the first click-box (text field) and replacing it with your title (style: Title_IMA2010). Do not capitalise common nouns within the title and do not use a full stop at the end of the title.


Enter the authors’ names in the next text field (style: Authors_IMA2010). Format: First name, initials, First name, initials & First name, initials. Do not apply spaces between initials. Separate the last two authors’ name by a “&” sign. If there is more than one affiliation for the authors, the names should be followed by a number in superscript as a cross-reference to the similarly marked affiliations given in the next text field. If there are two or more authors, the corresponding author (only one person, not necessarily the first author) should be indicated by a superscripted asterisk after her/his name (following the superscripted affiliation number, if applicable) and her/his e-mail address should be given in brackets after her/his affiliation data in the next text field (see below).


Enter the affiliation of the authors in the next text field (style: Affiliations_IMA2010). Only the name, city and country of the institution should be included, do not add postal address etc. For further affiliations copy the text field if necessary. Email address of the corresponding author should be appended to the relevant affiliation data as (*hauy@mnhn.fr). Only the bare e-mail address preceded by a superscripted asterisk should be given in the brackets without any explanation like “e-mail” etc. Do not give the e-mail address of the other, non-corresponding authors.

Body text

Enter the first paragraph of the text in the next click box (style: Leading_para_IMA2010). Enter the second paragraph in the subsequent click box (style: Following_para_IMA2010). Enter further paragraphs using the style of the latter text field. Do not use subtitles and do not leave blank lines.

Tables (optional)

Abstracts may contain tables and figures. Place your table after a text paragraph as follows. For the title of the table use the relevant text field (style: Table_title_IMA2010). Start the table title as Table : in bold and give the title after a semicolon, using regular font. Do not use a full stop after the title. Use the relevant text field (style: Table_body_IMA2010) for the content of the table. Use the table editor function for editing and formatting your table. Apply further formatting (e.g. centre the whole table) similarly to that used in the table in the sample abstract . If the text of the abstract continues after the table, enter the first paragraph of the continuation in the next click box (style: Leading_para_IMA2010), then use the following click box etc. (style: Following_para_IMA2010).

Figures (optional)

Colour figure(s) will be reproduced in colour in the digital version of the Abstract Volume but please consider that in the (demand-only) printed version they will be reproduced in greyscale only. The figure must not exceed the column width (8.2 cm). Insert your figure (in tiff, gif or jpg format with 300 dpi resolution) after a text paragraph as follows: 1) Move the text field “[Replace text only until paragraph mark with Fig. (or delete it fully)]” to the desired place of your figure (see the paragraph Using the template above for details). 2) Select only the text by clicking in it and replace it with your figure (“Insert Figure” command). For the figure caption, move the relevant text field (style: Fig_caption_IMA2010) below your figure. Start the figure caption as Fig. : in bold, and write the text of the caption after the semicolon, using regular font. End the caption with a full stop. If the text of the abstract continues after the caption, enter the first paragraph of the continuation in the next click box in the template (style: Leading_para_IMA2010), then use the following click box etc. as above (style: Following_para_IMA2010).

References (optional)

You can cite, if required, references in the text as consecutive numbers in square brackets, see the sample abstract. Type your reference list after the text using the corresponding click box (style: Reference_IMA2010) in a single paragraph as follows.
[1] Oneauthor, A. (2007) Eur. J. Petrol. 42, 345-678. [2] Firstauthor, A.B. & Coauthor, C.D. (1999) in Somebody, E. (ed.) Submarine petrology. Selfish Publishers, Honolulu, 123-456. [3] Firstauthor, F. et al. (2005) Zoomineralogy. Multianvil Press, New York.
Do not include any punctuation after the (bracketed) publication year. Do not include titles of a paper cited from a journal or from a collection of papers. Use standard abbreviations instead of full journal names. (An extensive, though sometimes inconsistent, list of abbreviations is found here. Give the first and last pages of chapters (papers) cited from a collection of papers or from similar books but do not give the full page number of cited books. Give the name of the publisher of books and its seat (only one place). Italicise journal name abbreviations and titles of collections or books. Write volume numbers in bold.

Alphabetical list of styles to be used in the abstract

(Single spacing is used throughout)
Affiliations_IMA2010: Times New Roman, 9 pt, centred
Authors_IMA2010: Times New Roman bold, 9 pt, centred, 9-pt space before paragraph
Fig_caption_IMA2010: Times New Roman, 8 pt, centred, 3-pt space before paragraph
Fig_IMA2010: Times New Roman, 8 pt, centred, 9-pt space before paragraph (used for the empty line to be replaced by a figure)
Following_para_IMA2010: Times New Roman, 9 pt, justified, first line left indent 0.5 cm
Leading_para_IMA2010: Times New Roman, 9 pt, justified, 9-pt space before paragraph
Reference_IMA2010; Times New Roman normal, 9 pt, justified, 9-pt space before paragraph
Table_body_IMA2010: Times New Roman, 8 pt, right aligned (alignment within the table can be modified if required; the whole table should be centred)
Table_title_IMA2010: Times New Roman, 8 pt, centred, 9-pt space before
Title_IMA2010: Arial bold, 10 pt, centred

You can download this page as a pdf file from here.